Acne in both the younger population and the adult population is just plain unfair. The development of acne is multifactorial and often has little to do with skin care habits. At Wildflower MediSpa, we have multiple treatment options that range from exfoliation of the skin to laser therapy to light therapy to skin resurfacing. We can also educate you on daily skin care routines and products that are specifically created to both treat and prevent acne. Don’t hide your beautiful face any longer.

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At Wildflower MediSpa, we offer both medical aesthetic treatments and a wide variety of wellness options. Our weight loss treatments are among the most unique in the country, as we offer some therapies that are cutting edge and exclusive. We can counsel you extensively on different types of diet modifications, including the ketosis diet and the new ProLon diet. We also offer multiple medications, including phentermine, hCG, and peptide therapy. Our peptide therapy includes both Tesofensine and human growth hormone, which can be used for incredible outcomes. In addition, we can complement a weight loss program with specific supplements and protein-rich meal replacements that are available at our clinic. Whether you have 15 pounds to lose or 100 pounds to lose, we can create a custom program that will be safe and effective. It’s never too late to change your life!

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At Wildflower MediSpa, we have created a skincare line that is superior to other skincare products available on the market today. Our line, Wildflower Skincare, is available for purchase at our medical spa in north Colorado Springs.

Our Wildflower Skincare Radiance line is our anti-aging line, offering the benefits of antioxidants, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, apple stem cells, Gotu Kola, Sqisandryl, and the hexapeptide Argeriline. These ingredients reduce lines and wrinkles and improve dermal health.

Our Wildflower Skincare Refine line is our line that reduces hyperpigmentation, offering ingredients such as vitamin C, ferulic acid (which can suppress melasma), phloretin (a very powerful antioxidant), vitamin E (from astaxanthin), and Emblica. These ingredients promote collagen synthesis and increase elastin, decrease melasma, and promote overall skin health.

Our Wildflower Skincare Sensitive line includes ingredients such as arnica, definisil (with balloon vine, black currant and sunflower oils), biophytex (a complex that reactivates microcirculation), Delisens (a hexapeptide that is a tyrosinase enzyme inhibitor), and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients work together to decrease inflammation and improve circulation, while also providing the benefits of antioxidants and decreasing melasma.

Come visit us, and take your skin care to the next level. Treat yourself to optimal dermal health!

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When considering seeing a medical provider regarding aesthetic skin care, it is important to consider what your overall skin care goals are. Historically, in the field of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgeons have provided surgical intervention in an effort to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. However, most plastic surgery performed simply changes how tight the skin appears by taking aged skin and pulling it more taut. This does nothing for the overall health of the actual skin. Technology has advanced to such a great degree, it is certainly worth considering changing the health of the skin, restoring the density of the skin and, as a side effect, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. It is no wonder that plastic surgeons are now purchasing some of the advanced technology available at Wildflower MediSpa in order to restore skin health rather than automatically proceed with surgical intervention. Read more about Scarlet Radiofrequency Microneedling and NeoGen Plasma Therapy.