COVID-19 has brought many changes to our communities, our lives, our health, our experiences . . . For some, the changes are relatively minor, such as wearing a mask when out in public or working from home. For others, the changes are more significant, such as losing a job, having to move from one’s home due to financial issues, or losing a business. For some, the changes are so significant that mothers and fathers and grandparents and aunts and uncles and other caregivers are struggling to feed their children. This is a heartbreaking reality–families, including children, are suffering from not enough food every day. This was a reality even before COVID-19 became a part of our lives. This struggle is even more significant–and more prevalent–right now. Children are going to bed hungry and waking up hungry. For some children, the only food they get is what the school district gives them. This is heartbreaking and heart-wrenching, and we need to do what we can to help. We hope you will consider joining us in giving–whatever you can spare–to Care and Share. You can donate here at Care and Share.

As the Summer season is here, warmer days invite us to focus on foods that are lighter. Blueberries contain chemicals that are rich in antioxidants, helping our body fight free radicals. They contain tannins, which can help reduce inflammation in the digestive system. Blueberries also boost enzymes that help maintain brain function. One cup of blueberries provides 24 percent of a person’s recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. So, grab some fresh blueberries and eat them by themselves or incorporate them in your recipes.

History repeats itself . . . Agh, puberty all over again?!? Do you ever think to yourself, “I’m too old to have acne!” These dreaded blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and clogged hair follicles can put a damper on your day. Why do we get these???

Acne forms when the sebum, an oily substance from the sebaceous glands, becomes trapped in a pore. In addition to the oil, the pore can also get clogged with acne bacteria, dead skin cells and white blood cells; this then produces the pimple. Acne can also be hormonal, and many can break out at different times of the month, usually before the menstrual cycle in women. What can we do about this?

The most effective ways to treat acne include a good skin care regimen, LED light photo therapy, broadband light therapy, peels and radiofrequency micro-needling, all of which we have here at Wildflower MediSpa. Our Wildflower Skincare Clarifying line can help eliminate acne and restore dermal health. If you need a big knockout of those stubborn sebaceous glands or just a gentle re-posturing of your skin’s health, our Scarlet RF Microneedling can help!

Our skin experts would love to create a plan to help you achieve optimal dermal health and regain your confidence!

If only we could go back in time and stop ourselves from taking the actions that have damaged our beautiful skin. While we cannot time travel (that’s our next project!), we can restore your skin to its optimal dermal health.

UV radiation from the sun damages DNA and natural proteins. Tanning beds are similar, but they produce UVA rays, which can be more damaging to the skin. Smoking (and even second-hand smoke) accelerates skin aging because it triggers the inflammation process and generates more free radicals than sun.

The quick solutions to preventing further damage are to use a good sun screen and protect your skin from the UV rays, stop using tanning beds, and stop smoking. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water and hydrating the skin with a good moisturizer always help.

At Wildflower MediSpa, we have the best technology to restore your skin, including broadband light therapy, medical grade exfoliation treatments, radiofrequency technology, and skin resurfacing. Our goal here at Wildflower is to get your skin its youthful glow back! As well as its elasticity, firmness and softness!

When considering seeing a medical provider regarding aesthetic skin care, it is important to consider what your overall skin care goals are. Historically, in the field of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgeons have provided surgical intervention in an effort to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. However, most plastic surgery performed simply changes how tight the skin appears by taking aged skin and pulling it more taut. This does nothing for the overall health of the actual skin. Technology has advanced to such a great degree, it is certainly worth considering changing the health of the skin, restoring the density of the skin and, as a side effect, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. It is no wonder that plastic surgeons are now purchasing some of the advanced technology available at Wildflower MediSpa in order to restore skin health rather than automatically proceed with surgical intervention. Read more about Scarlet Radiofrequency Microneedling and NeoGen Plasma Therapy.

Young woman after skin restoration

Looking for total restoration and rejuvenation of your skin without plastic surgery? Science has delivered! At Wildflower MediSpa, we offer skin redensification and restoration that involves all skin layers, restoring the skin back to its youthful health and glow. This cannot be achieved with most treatments on the market and certainly cannot be achieved with surgery. We perform a series of treatments with 3 separate machines, each of which focuses on a separate skin region. To date, this is the most powerful and effective way to turn back the clock to restore your skin’s natural beauty. Call us for a complimentary consultation today–and be ready to be amazed. 719-988-9453

Man measuring his waist after weight loss

Obesity trends have been on the rise, now costing society over $100 billion per year. This increase in obesity is due to many factors, such as consumption of fast foods, stress, hormones, lack of sleep, little physical activity and prevalent use of computers. Obesity is a leading risk factor in many diseases and is definitely something we need to pay attention to. With the growing trends, it is no wonder that 25% of American men and 50% of American women are actively dieting and making weight loss and exercise popular on their New Year’s resolution lists. Here at Wildflower Wellness, we will help you reach your nutritional and physical goals to get you feeling and looking your best! Our products range from prescription medication options, peptide therapy, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and detailed guidance on several popular diets. It’s the New Year, so why not get started on a new and improved you! Call us today to schedule your consultation with our weightless expert! 719-988-9453

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If you are a fan of microdermabrasion, then you will love SaltFacial.  This treatment offers state-of-the-art technology made up of 3 separate treatments. The initial treatment involves using organic sea salt to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. Once this has been performed, the skin is more permeable and is ready to be treated with ultrasound therapy and specific serums to permeate the skin deeply. Your serum options are tailored to what your desired goal is, including rejuvenation, hydration, tone repair, improved texture, and acne treatment and prevention. The third part of the treatment involves LED phototherapy, which further helps with skin repair and recovery. This is a safe and effective therapy that can be performed up to once a month for maintenance care of the skin, as well as a little pampering.