Young woman after skin restoration

Looking for total restoration and rejuvenation of your skin without plastic surgery? Science has delivered! At Wildflower MediSpa, we offer skin redensification and restoration that involves all skin layers, restoring the skin back to its youthful health and glow. This cannot be achieved with most treatments on the market and certainly cannot be achieved with surgery. We perform a series of treatments with 3 separate machines, each of which focuses on a separate skin region. To date, this is the most powerful and effective way to turn back the clock to restore your skin’s natural beauty. Call us for a complimentary consultation today–and be ready to be amazed. 719-988-9453

Woman in a field of flowers after treatment

If you are a fan of microdermabrasion, then you will love SaltFacial.  This treatment offers state-of-the-art technology made up of 3 separate treatments. The initial treatment involves using organic sea salt to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. Once this has been performed, the skin is more permeable and is ready to be treated with ultrasound therapy and specific serums to permeate the skin deeply. Your serum options are tailored to what your desired goal is, including rejuvenation, hydration, tone repair, improved texture, and acne treatment and prevention. The third part of the treatment involves LED phototherapy, which further helps with skin repair and recovery. This is a safe and effective therapy that can be performed up to once a month for maintenance care of the skin, as well as a little pampering.