The next generation in aesthetics and wellness.

Welcome to the most unique medical spa experience in Colorado. Wildflower MediSpa provides the most state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments available, in addition to offering cutting-edge comprehensive anti-aging opportunities at Wildflower Wellness.

Your care is female physician-led, and your procedures will be performed by knowledgeable medical professionals in a safe and comfortable environment. Our treatment providers have a combined 29 years of experience in the medical field, with nearly 10 years in aesthetics.

At Wildflower MediSpa, we offer a variety of treatment options that include total skin restoration, sexual/pelvic health, body contouring/sculpting, and hair and nail care.

As an additional service, we are pleased to accommodate groups of up to 15 for private treatment parties, which will include complimentary snacks and beverages, as well as fun gifts.

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At Wildflower Wellness, we offer an extensive list of treatment options to achieve the highest level of wellness and anti-aging possible. Treatments include bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, medically assisted weight loss, peptide therapy, sexual health treatments, stem cell therapy, platelet rich fibrin therapy and supplementation therapy. Our focus is to provide a comprehensive approach to the field of Functional Medicine, with an emphasis on restoration of whole-person health.

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7 Spectrum Loop, Suite 145
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921

719.988.WILD (9453)

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Monday: 9AM-5PM
Tuesday: 9AM-5PM
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