Rose Facial

The Wildflower MediSpa Rose Facial is our signature microneedling facial with PRF (similar to a Vampire Facial). Microneedling can encourage your skin to naturally increase collagen and elastin, which results in natural rejuvenation of the skin. Platelet-rich fibrin contains a multitude of platelets and growth factors (GF), as well as some white blood cells and stem cells. Introducing a high concentration of platelets and growth factors mimics the beginning stages of inflammation that occur in the body naturally in damaged tissue, encouraging the body to heal the tissue. Cells that repair the skin are stimulated, and cells that cause further damage are repressed, thereby enhancing repair and minimizing breakdown. This leads to accelerated tissue healing, a faster recovery, and a reduction in recurrence of degeneration.

This treatment is helpful for aging skin, acne-prone skin, and skin with active acne. The Rose Facial can also restore skin with sun damage, which is so prevalent in patients who live in Colorado. Microneedling also works to tighten sagging skin and diminishes scarring.