What if I told you there is something like the fountain of youth that can help slow down the aging process? There are five different regions in the world, named “Blue Zones,” where people are living longer and healthier lives. The good news is you don’t have to move to these areas to achieve the same results.

Periodic fasting helps rid the body of toxins, repairs DNA, aids in cellular regeneration, and activates stem cells, which can lead to the same outcome as the fountain of youth in these Blue Zones. But let’s be honest. I would not be able to fast for even 8 hours, let alone for multiple days! The Fasting Mimicking Diet with Prolon helps those like me with little will power to trick my body into thinking it is fasting. The 5-day program provides all the meals, snacks and supplements you need and is available here at Wildflower MediSpa. Not only does the Fasting Mimicking Diet help with anti-aging, but weight loss and loss of inches are also results of the program. This is a definite win-win situation!

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