Female jaw and neck after skin restoration

Not happy with your profile? Is your submentum subpar? Historically, fat collections under the chin would be treated with injections of Kybella. However, Kybella injections can be painful and leave lumps and scar tissue behind. At Wildflower MediSpa, we focus on fat removal from the submentum through three separate therapies. The initial therapy involves radiofrequency microneedling energy that causes a lipolysis, or breaking up, of fat cells. After this treatment, we perform low dose shockwave therapy. Low dose shockwave therapy breaks up the local fat collections for removal by the local lymph nodes. A third step is to use ultrasound/radiofrequency energy over the region to tighten the skin and add the final touches to the region. This is the most advanced and effective way to contour the submentum, and we are the only location in Colorado Springs offering this amazing therapy!

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