Man measuring his waist after weight loss

Obesity trends have been on the rise, now costing society over $100 billion per year. This increase in obesity is due to many factors, such as consumption of fast foods, stress, hormones, lack of sleep, little physical activity and prevalent use of computers. Obesity is a leading risk factor in many diseases and is definitely something we need to pay attention to. With the growing trends, it is no wonder that 25% of American men and 50% of American women are actively dieting and making weight loss and exercise popular on their New Year’s resolution lists. Here at Wildflower Wellness, we will help you reach your nutritional and physical goals to get you feeling and looking your best! Our products range from prescription medication options, peptide therapy, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and detailed guidance on several popular diets. It’s the New Year, so why not get started on a new and improved you! Call us today to schedule your consultation with our weightless expert! 719-988-9453

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